The President of AESI Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva announces the central theme of the upcoming AESI 2020 Study Seminars. Then he resumes his strong message already addressed to young university students in 2017: Video  "EUROPE, SOLIDARITY COMMUNITY" 

In 2020, the European Union must feel called to renew itself and to bring to the world a clear signal of Union and Solidarity, especially towards those most in need in crisis areas! 

The European Union needs more competence and participation in foreign policy! Certainly it is not just a problem of funds to donate but above all to provoke responses from actors and people who know how to use the help provided. We need to invest in new generations through university cooperation for peace and the promotion of the culture of Solidarity. 

Now , it is necessary to rediscover the value of service to the common good of politics and international relations. Do not violently occupy spaces of power but promote fair and inclusive development processes