AESI University Cooperation for Peace in the Middle East 2003 - 2020

AESI University Cooperation for Peace in the Middle East 2003 - 2020 


In every university cooperation programme for peace it is necessary to take into account that the objective of an action aiming to analyse the situations must  take into consideration the cultural context, in order to advance the technical and cultural objectives of the cooperation. This strategy must include the collaborative efforts of diplomatic, economic and peace forces actions, while being rooted in the common goal of development of a strong cooperation culture of solidarity capable of understanding local needs and providing quick and efficient solutions that are at once professional and respectful of human dignity. These programmes also must rely on cultural expertise and include expert knowledge of the theoretical elements of crisis and development management and the capability to understand the real comprehensive needs of the populations, and their historical and cultural roots in order to give effective answers to them, and to promote peace and development even in the first phases of the interventions.