AESI FORUM Sarajevo 2020

AESI promoted and developed this program for more than 10 Academic Years facilitating the dialogue between Sarajevo and Belgrade Universities and cooperation among the BiH Universities.   


In the Balkans, at the end of the dramatic conflict, a new strategy of collaboration between the University Cooperation and the United Nations was born in favor of peace. The common goal was to create an academic program that aimed at the reconstruction and real civil integration of the countries involved in the conflict through academic training in the Public Administration and Humanitarian Aid sectors of their young graduates (Serbs, Muslims and Croats). This project would have allowed the next generation to remain in the countries of origin and the program certainly represented the first field action in this field at the international level between the University and the United Nations with their Peace Forces. In 2001, infact, the First Conference of Balkan Rectors in Sarajevo was organized for this in the UN HQ in Sarajevo. The Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Amb. J.P. Klein UNMIBH and the Rectors of the Balkans. Shortly thereafter, the Rectors of Sarajevo and Belgrade met to sign an agreement for a Masters in State Management and Humanitarian Affairs that would have seen more than 120 young graduates from the various universities, especially from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia attend. Many of them would have found work and actively participated in the state institutional development (one of them was Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo, others are Legal Advisers of the Presidency of the Republic, etc.) and international.