20 giugno 2018


One of the basic challenges of the 21st Century is assuring interna onal peace and fostering development, in the light of the new World balance. Today, there are problems that can only be solved by ac on at the global level. New strategic thinking is required to approach global issues and advance “global public goods”. Consequently, interna onal communi es must become protagonists of a new strategy to intervene in crisis areas and to promote peace, human rights and development with a strategy based on realis c and e ec ve foreign common policy. Such a strategy must include the collabora ve e orts of diploma c, economic and peace forces ac ons, while being rooted in the common goal of development of a strong coopera on culture of solidarity capable of understanding local needs and providing quick and e cient solu ons that are at once professional and respec ul of human dignity. Such a strategy must rely on cultural exper se and include expert knowledge of the theore cal elements of crisis and development management and the capability to understand the real comprehensive needs of the popula ons, and their historical and cultural roots in order to give e ec ve answers to them, and to promote peace and development even in the rst phases of the interven ons. 


Opening Session | Ore 10.00
Welcome from
Prof. Francesco Frati

Rector of University of Siena (Italy)

Introductory Remarks
Amb. Giorgio Marrapodi

Director General for Development Coopera on – Italian Ministry of Foreign A airs and Interna onal Coopera on (Italy)

Introductory Remarks
Dr. Vito Borrelli

Vice Director of the European Commission Representa on in Italy

Introductory Remarks
Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva

President of AESI

First Session: Europe and Geopolics of the Crises | Ore 11.00
Amb. Adriano Benedetti

Italian Ambassador - Vice President AESI

Prof. Elda Morlicchio

Rector of Orientale University of Naples

Prof. Fabrizio Micari

Rector of University of Palermo

Prof. Igor Maksimtsev

Rector of St Petersburg State University of Economics

Second Session: University and Diplomacy Cooperation, Security and Peace | Ore 12.00
Amb. Gabriele Checchia

Italian Ambassador - Former Ambassador in Lebanon and NATO

Prof. Eva Wiberg

Rector of University of Goteborg (Sweden)

Prof. Angelo Riccaboni

President of PRIMA Foundation, University of Siena (Italy)

Prof. Luca Verzichelli

Professor of Global Compara ve Poli cs, University of Siena (Italy)

Prof. Andrea Francioni

Professor of Public Diplomacy and International History, University of Siena (Italy)

Third Session: Best Practices, Euro Meditarranean Cooperation | Ore 15.00
Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva

President AESI (European Associa on of International Studies)

Fourth Session: Re-Thinking EU Foreign Policy and University Cooperation | Ore 16.00
Prof. Massimiliano Guderzo

Professor of History of Interna onal Relations, University of Siena (Italy)

Prof. Antonio Macchia

Secretary General AESI (Italy)

Prof. Riccardo Pisillo Mazzeschi

Professor of International and European Union Law, University of Siena (Italy)

Discussion | Ore 17.00
Chaired by
Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva

President AESI

Prof. Fabio Casini

Professor of History of Diplomacy, University of Siena (Italy)

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