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AESI PRESIDENT 2024: Yes, in times of conflicts and dramatic scenarios of clashes between cultures and religions, the Rome International Seminar for Peace is a reason not only for hope but also for reflection ! So many geopolitical analysts, so many international experts make proclamations on the media and are scandalized without understanding that only by fostering the culture of dialogue and preventive diplomacy can new scenarios of peace between peoples be brought to concreteness ! AESI has been promoting the new generations by devoting time and energy for this for over 30 years in different world scenarios !

Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva MD PhD

Rome International Seminar 2024 San Martino

Rome International Seminar 2024 message General Franco Federici

Peace East Europe

RIS Palace Farnese

Diplomacy St. Francis RIS 2024

Rectorate opening session Rome International Seminar 2024

Message Cardinal Prefect Culture RIS 2024

Message Ambassador to UN New York RIS 2024

Rome International Seminar Papers presentations 2024

Sarajevo and Belgrade University Cooperation for Peace 2024

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