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12 October 2021
The UN Military Forces of Peace are sent to crisis areas to separate the parties in conflict but then nothing or little is done to promote true dialogue through the promotion of the culture of peace. "The soldiers and generals of peace" are left to preside over the situation, but what can be done to avoid confrontation? The UN and the EU are without authority and are making proclamations! Let's look at Lebanon which is dying and so Syria and then Cyprus etc, The Balkans are in the same situation.

We urgently need a new political class well formed in the values of service and promotion to the common good! While until now the most coveted universities have been those of competition and profit in the Western Countries  and the culture totalitarian communist system still remain to overcome in Russia and China, Europe looks tired and disillusioned. Young people need examples of men who are professionally capable and humanly willing to take on their responsibilities: this happens in universities that promote the truth about man and make him a citizen of the world.


Registrations for admission interviews for Study Seminars and AESI FORUM 2021/22 are open. This is not the usual Master or Course to talk about peace and inter-cultural dialogue in crisis areas.

How much utopia and theory in our Courses also in prestigious Universities where to talk about what happens in distant or nearby crisis areas with the usual pretense of understanding what is happening among those poor populations torn apart by eternal conflicts often maneuvered by distant powers. 

Drawing from history books and international law is important, listening to journalists who have now become university teachers is the easiest thing. But instead promote a new culture of solidarity promoted in the classrooms of the world, among those people who suffer and who need help! 

This is the new University promoted by AESI where students are asked to learn from UN Generals, from Ambassadors and Professors  who have been called to resolve international crises : to the students AESI we ask to became ambassadors of a new culture of peace and solidarity while they are still students : Sarajevo, Belgrade, Beirut, Jerusalem, everywhere there are young people need of change for better future !

President AESI
Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva 


Amb. Pietro Sebastiani

Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva

Comandante UNIFIL Gen. Stefano Del Col

Parlamento Europeo in Italia  Dott. Carlo Corazza  Direttore

Comandante KFOR  Gen. Franco Federici

Presidente CASD Amm. Giacinto Ottaviani

Amb. Maurizio Massari Ambassador to UN New York

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