Peacemakers, American Leadership and the End of Genocide in the Balkans

American Leadership and the End of Genocide in the Balkans
Rome, 12 March 2018

On Monday 12th of March, at 6.30 p.m., the NATO Defense College Foundation, under the patronage of the United States Embassy to Italy, will launch the book “PEACEMAKERS - American Leadership and the End of Genocide in the Balkans” at the Circolo del Ministero degli Esteri, Lungotevere dell'Acqua Acetosa, 42, 00197 – Rome.    An accident near Sarajevo in 1995 thrusts the author, James W. Pardew, into the center of U.S. negotiations to stop the fighting in Bosnia. From there, a series of diplomatic assignments placed him at the heart of U.S. policymaking on the Balkans from 1995 until 2008. During that period, he witnessed first-hand U.S. leadership of the international effort to end the wars and human suffering in the former Yugoslavia. Pardew’s personal journals contain notes taken during those events and negotiations as they happened form the core of the historical record and are now presented in PEACEMAKERS. His notes have never been used in other publications.   The speakers will be James Pardew, Former US Ambassador and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Operations at NATO, Stefano Silvestri, Vice-President, NATO Defense College Foundation and Gabriele Checchia, Former Permanent Representative of Italy at NATO. The presentation will be chaired by Umberto Vattani, Former Secretary General of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The event will be followed by a dinner buffet at the restaurant of the Circolo del Ministero degli Esteri - please, inform us ahead of time if you have any food allergy or special dietary restriction.

The European University Summer School organized by the University La Sapienza di Roma, in collaboration with the University of Sarajevo and with the contributions of the Ministry of Defense and the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo, took place in the Head Office of the Command of the Mission of the European Union EURFOR “ALTHEA”.

This initiative took place from the 22nd to the 29th June 2009 in Sarajevo and it led 13 fresh graduate students, accompanied by Professor Massimo Maria Caneva (Director of the European Union University Summer School and President of the AESI) and by General Roberto Martinelli (Coordinator of the relations between the University and the Ministry of Defense), to live continuously in close contact with the personnel of the national contingent in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The delegation was welcomed by the Major General  Stefano Castagnotto, at the time Commander of the ALTHEA military mission that operated in Bosnia and Herzegovina employing soldiers belonging to military contingents of 26 different Countries.

This initiative involved many different activities such as: thematic seminars and workshops, meetings with local authorities, cultural visits in various locations of the Countries, meetings with local Universities. All the above-mentioned activities constituted a good opportunity to acquire a more in-depth knowledge in the fields of international cooperation and international sciences.

The Summer School’s main didactic areas are Geopolitics, Security and Peacekeeping, Humanitarian Affairs, Diplomacy and University cooperation towards peace.

The session held inside the Camp Butmir on the 23rd June was particularly significant as it was dedicated to a reenactment of the first meeting after Dayton between the rectors of the University of Sarajevo and Belgrade. The reenacted meeting took place in 2001 in the Headquarters of the Italian contingent Tito Barak in Sarajevo. The mentioned session saw the participation of Professor Boris Tihi, Rector of the University of Sarajevo, and Professor Marja Bogdanovic, Former Rector of the University of Belgrade.