“Warm thanks and deep appreciation for the incredible effort that you have again led to see the new round of the Rome International Seminar bear the fruits of your vision and determination “(Professor from Syria)

“I have to say it was an excellent opportunity at both, personal and University levels. The benefits were clearly observed both in terms of the participation of our students, who have been part of a series of round table discussions, and as an opportunity for the American University of Madaba in Jordan to participate as an Institution” (Professor from Jordan)

First of all, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the holding of this international seminar and the theme that is an ever green topic and for the brilliant success of this meeting between Euro- Mediterranean young people whose memory is traumatized by the still gaping scars of a dramatic history (Professor from Lebanon)

“In beautiful very calm and peaceful environment I enjoyed having open and enriching discussions with students and professors from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Jordan, Sweden and Italy” (Vice Rector of the University of Sarajevo – Bosnia Herzegovina)

“The Seminar was able to give a great impetus for new ideas and thoughts, exange experiences and best practices with rectors and vice rectors and representatives of universities from Europe, Balkans and Middle East, regions of growing interest nowadays and in the nearest future” (Rector of Economic State University of St. Petersburg – Russian Federation)

“I would like to report that the seminar is very successful attended by four graduate students from each of the Universities in Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, and one student from Sweden. The Palestinian participants included two from Bir Zeit, one from Bethlehem and one from Al-Quds University. The tutor of the Palestinian delegation is Ahmad Muna, the owner of the Educational bookshop on Salah Eddin Street. The fact that students from the above countries sat together in one hall to discuss issues focusing on peace and development is a great achievement. The credit for this amazing feat is to Dr, Massimo Caneva, the Director of the program who worked relentlessly to organize and administer the Seminar.” (Professor from Palestine)

“The essential value of the dialogue between cultures to guarantee peace and harmonious coexistence between peoples, highlighting the primary role of cultural diversity as a tool for cohesion, social integration and human development was at the core of the Rome 2019 Seminar, organized by the Magnificent Rector of Rome Three Prof. Luca Pietromarchi and Prof. Massimo Caneva. The human, civic and democratic and not least academic values expressed in Rome 2019 Seminar is shared by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, daily, within our academic work in a complex and challenging and often divided reality like that of the country” (Professor from Israel)

“Nelson Mandela, a figure for development and peace, once said, ‘‘The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconciliation.’’ During the 8 days we spent in Italy, we were able to discover the true meaning behind those words. Although students from 5 different countries were brought together to discuss major issues related to peace, we were able to find a common language to communicate, the language of peace.” (Students from Jordan)

“The quaint and inviting setting of the event, its promise of cultural exchange, its intellectual rigor, and its welcoming environment gave us more than just a respite from our academic endeavours and our struggle to contribute to the process of recovery and rebuilding of our war-ravished country. It was indeed an occasion for intellectual growth and development, thinking out of the box, reflecting critically on regional and international issues, networking with international colleagues, and having the chance to express our views and inject our perspective into the discussions of the seminar. The total effect and the sum of this experience is that it is a "promise of hope, and a victory for the culture of dialog." (Students from Syria)

“On the educational level, this seminar has enhanced our knowledge in the topics delivered. On the cultural level, we had the amazing opportunity to actually Meet the Pope who encouraged us in our mission to be Agents of Peace, visit the Italian Ministry of Defence and watch the concert in the Castello in Nepi. On the social development level, it allowed us to exchange not only experiences and ideas but also opinions about many taboo topics going on in our respective countries. These debates improved our dialogue skills and problem solving skills Thank you for giving this once in a lifetime opportunity to many of us and for letting alumni students share their previous experiences in this seminar. Hand in hand, we are sure we can achieve the main purpose of this project which is “PEACE”. Thank you for all the efforts and time spent to organize this seminar with a special dedication to Professor Massimo Caneva who made it all possible. We hope to be part of the future editions too!” (Students from Lebanon)

“We would like to thank the Italian Cooperation Agency for their support and encouragement in making this seminar a reality. As well as their commitment to maintaining peace in the Middle East through the various projects and programs that they fund and organize. In addition, all of us participants in this seminar recognize the crucial part that the ministry of Foreign affairs and the University of Roma Tre have in the success of this program. And we highly recommend for them to continue this initiative and their support for this seminar and we encourage them to help and support a 4th edition of this seminar in 2020. We also would like to extend our deepest gratitude and acknowledgement to Dr. Professor Massimo Caneva for everything he is doing to make sure this seminar is a success. We acknowledge that it is very hard work to work on three different levels, Academics, Religious and military at the same time while also taking care of every detail to do with this program and for that we salute Professor Caneva. Without his efforts this seminar could not have happened. Kind regards from Palestine” (Students from Palestine)

“At the beginning, we would like to thank you Prof. Caneva for the wonderful opportunity you gave us by inviting to participate in this important endeavour. We felt very privileged to be chosen to this seminar and we deeply appreciate all the efforts you made in order to succeed it and to prepare a comfortable atmosphere for a peace issues dialogue. This encounter with the other is very important step toward peace in the middle east, and by the good work of yours and your amazing team you promote it admirably. This program had many life- altering and life-changing effects on all of us. It created a space for us to get to know the other on a human level, before we even knew where one person was from or their background. It brought people from different conflict areas, nationalities and backgrounds, where it would have been very difficult, or even impossible, to bring them together under one roof in their home land. Conducting this conference in Italy was very important as it shed the light on the importance of the EU taking a stand and encouraging peace talks and negotiations amongst every party.” (Students from Israeli)