"Garantire la Sicurezza nel costruire la Pace"- riservato ai partecipanti ai Seminari di Studio AESI 2019

This article is focused on the innovative response of university cooperation to the humanitarian crises and complex emergencies as new strategy supporting the international actors interventions and as an important tool to promote peace, integration and democracy starting from a better reconciliation between young people divided by conflicts . This university cooperation is also viewed as an essential means of contributing to intercultural and interfaith dialogue. It is important to consider the commitment to fostering reciprocal knowledge and respect, both on a national and on an international level; to analyze the roles of education and Academic Institutions as crucial tool s of public diplomacy in action for young people. Tools which are also vehicles of integration for an effective management of cultural and religious integrations.
(Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva, Conference on Peacekeeping OXPEACE - University of Oxford 2013)