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 “I thank AESI for its meritorious training activities aimed at young people and future generations. To you, who are following this training path, I wish to be able to develop an ever greater sensitivity and intelligent ability to read international facts, so that your energy can offer the best service to the community and to the international community " (From the Message Gen. Enzo Vecciarelli to AESI FORUM on 26 March 2019 CASD)

The importance of the Cooperation among Diplomacy, Military Peacekeepers and Universities is a point at which AESI pays particular attention to its activities in the crisis areas. In fact, the culture of peace passes through an increasingly careful strategy of true cooperation among those who are International Actors, aimed at guaranteeing security and peace in the areas of crisis. The AESI devotes particular attention to the institutional relations with these International Actors. 




NATO HQ in  Naples  leds by Admiral James Foggo. The friendship and collaboration with Admiral Foggo is now a consolidated reality: known when he was already the commander of the sixth  US  fleet in  Naples  and then visited at the Pentagon in  Washington  in his duties as chief of staff of the Navy, is an important reference point in the international education of AESI students. 








 MIDDLE EAST. Starting from Lebanon, where AESI has been committed for more than 16 years in the work and promotion of the culture of dialogue and solidarity between the academic realities of the Countries such as those of the  Lebanese State  University with a strong Muslim presence and with that of the Christian Maronite   USEK University. AESI involved the reality of the United Nations international military forces as UNIFIL, thanks to continuous visits and contacts with the commanders, beginning with General Claudio Graziano. 




 JERUSALEM  Another scenario, the realities of the crisis that sees conflicting Israelis and Palestinians with repercussions throughout all the  Middle East . Particularly linked to this difficult reality, the AESI has always undertaken to maintain contact with the Commander of the UNTSO in  Jerusalem , meeting in  Jerusalem  the various Commanders and inviting them to visit  Rome  and to participate in Congress activities and courses that they have always facilitated this tremendous job of seeking peace. 









SARAJEVO . Since the post-signing of the Dayton Accords, AESI has been present, meeting them in Sarajevo and inviting them to Italy as Ambassador Klein, representative of the UN Secretary general together with the rectors of the universities of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Muslim cultural and religious expressions, Croatian and Serbian) then collaborating with EUFOR through the commander General Castagnotto an important reality that has seen the synergy of all international actors. 





CYPRUS . In 2010, AESI promoted its message of University Cooperation for Peace with the UNFICYP and met the Head of the Mission Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Force Military Commander.