“Peace, Science and the Art of Solidarity” This will be the theme of the next AESI 2023 Study Seminars

Science, because true Peace is founded on truth, in particular as regards the human person. Each of us is in search of the truth because knowing it leads us to be truly free and leads us to true peace first of all personal, especially important then for that in international relations. Nobody can give what they don't have.

Art, "which requires serenity, creativity, sensitivity and dexterity" (Gaudete et Exultate - Apostolic Exhortation Pope Francis) all characteristics of human action aimed at reaching common solutions for peace. Serenity sets in motion that creativity necessary in enhancing the points of common vision which then sensitivity and, if necessary, dexterity, place at the service of the objectives of peace. Those who commit themselves to peace must ensure that the interlocutors themselves become actors of a shared peace.

Science and Art… of Solidarity, because there will never be Peace without Justice, there will never be true Justice without Forgiveness (John Paul II 2002) and to forgive one must Love!

Promoting Peace therefore assumes a profound strategic significance of profound and new human relations aimed at orienting a new foreign policy of great international effectiveness.

This is the path of university cooperation for peace that I followed after the dramatic conflict in the Balkans and the Dayton Agreements with programs for the stabilization and normalization of civil life in Sarajevo and Belgrade. Then in the Middle East and thus in the Baltic where AESI promoted the first integration program among young university students in Estonia between young Estonian and "Russian-speaking" university students (as the then President of the Estonian Republic emphasized) in a country with the most high suicide rate after the regained independence from the Soviet Union which had left over 200/250 thousand Russian citizens in Estonia out of a population of 1,500 thousand inhabitants.

Now we are faced with the tragedy of the conflict in Ukraine which, in addition to not finding true diplomatic solutions, is threatening to spread dangerously, causing instability in relations between states of the European Union, without considering the actions of NATO defense. We have already started, thanks to the past Rectors' Conference of the 2016 Jubilee, relations between the Rector of the University of St. Petersburg and the former Rector of the Kiev Academy

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