OECD: Forum AESI 23-24 June 2016 PARIS

The Vision of Youth on the roots of The International Financial Crisis


23 June 2016 

7.30 pm: RESIDENCE Italian Ambassador to OECD in Paris
Dinner – Buffet offered by Amb. Gabriele Checchia to AESI

24 June 2016

10.00 am: OECD Building HQ 2, Rue A. Pascal
- Welcome: Amb. Gabriele Checchia – Italian Permanent Representative to OECD in Paris
- Greetings: Prof. Massimo Caneva – President AESI
10.30 am: I SESSION: “Growing inequalities: long-term trends and the effects of the global financial crisis”
- Dr. Stefano Scarpetta - Direct Employment, Labour and Social Affairs OECD
11.30 am: II SESSION: “The International Energy Agency”
- Dr. Laura Cozzi - Head of Energy Demand Outlook  Division, International Energy Agency
12.30 pm: III SESSION: “The OECD work in the tax field:update on the BEPS project“
- Dr. Raffaele Russo - Senior Advisor, Centre for Tax Policies and Administration OECD
1.30 pm: Lunch
3.00 pm: IV SESSION: ”The OECD role in the field of Development”
- Dr. Federico Bonaglia - Acting Deputy Director, OECD Development Centre
4.00 pm: Conclusions