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AESI will organize between October and December 2019 meetings at the national level in Universities and European Instiutions in order not only to present its activities, but also to deepen priority themes important to the future of the European Union. Between these, the valorisation of the participation of the new generations to the construction of a more solid way and attention to the values of the human person. 

Theme of the next studio seminars aesi 2020 it will be “EUROPE, TOWARDS A NEW SOLIDARITY COMMUNITY” AESI intends to stress the urgency of an institutional political culture that makes its roots in the understanding solidarity as a reach of the common good.

Among the themes:

– Ethics in European Policy to promote processes of solid economic growth and not employment of spaces of power
– The protection of populations in crisis areas facilitally facilitating the formation of the new generations that are prepared for the diplomatic career and at the international organizations
– The protection of the family, of women and children, of the elderly and of people in need especially preventing the crisis and helping the dialogue between the peoples
– The urgent reform of the United Nations that can be more attentive to the questions of the people of the world with appropriate programs and answers, involving especially the new generations
– The promotion of the new university cooperation for peace. In the field of humanitarian crises we don’t want to mean the only exchange of lectures and researchers which is usually done in the academic collaboration, even if also this kind of activity seems to be useful. University co-operation is in fact a more general approaching strategy which is made of analysis and action jointed together, of training and research on the field in co-operation between academic world and civil institutions, international organisations, volunteers, etc. In order to make possible prevention of crises and humanitarian assistance at the same time. That is to say it is not enough to be an expert of this specific field in order to work out such a programme. 


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