NATO: Forum AESI 6-7 June 2013 BRUXELLES


6 June 2013

9.00 am Arrival Delegation AESI at Zeventem Airpot and transfer to Hotel Atlas Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains, 30 (by NATO transport)
Transfer to NATO (by NATO transport)

11.15 am Arrival Prof. Caneva and Gen Catena at International Airport Bruxelles
Transfer to NATO (by NATO support)

12.30 pm NATO
Welcome of Amb.Gabriele Checchia - Chief of the Italian Representation to NATO – Bruxelles
Greetings: Prof. Massimo Caneva – President AESI
Introdution: Gen. Antonio Catena – Scientific
Commitee AESI and Dott.ssa Antonella Cesarino 
NATO IS-PDD Division – Bruxelles

1.30 pm Lunch

2.30 pm Briefing of Cons. Alessandra Tardioli - NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General, Operations

3.00 pm Briefing Dr. De Santis, Head of Section MENA, PASP, Cooperation NATO in Mediterranean and the Middle East

3.30 pm Briefing of Gen. D.A. Zappa, Military Councillor Italian Representation to NATO 

4.00 pm Briefing Dott.ssa Fellin, Advisor, Secretary General Office of the Secretary General NATO on “NATO Policy on women, peace and security” - Transfer to Hotel Atlas (by NATO transport)
Discussion: Dr. Marialuisa Scovotto – Director AESI 

7.00 pm Transfer to Residence of the Italian Ambassador 

7.30 pm Dinner – Buffet offered by Amb. Checchia to AESI 
Transfer to Hotel Altlas (by NATO transfer)

7 June 2013

9.30 am Transfer from Hotel to Italian Representation to EU (by NATO transport)

10.30 am Italian Representation to EU - “EU Foreign and Security Policy” Cons. Alexandros Karidesha - Commission for Security and Defence European Parliament
Cons. Paolo Meucci – DG for Internal Policy European Parliament Italian

1.15 pm Italian Representation to EU in Bruxelles
Meeting with the Italian PSC Rappresentative, Amb. Alessandro Cortese Introduction “the EU Foreign and Defence Policy – CFSP and CSDP” 

1.45 pm Briefing on the EU Common Defence and Security Policy – CSDP
Dr. Mariomassimo Santoro – CIVCOM Delegate- Dr. Marco Landolfi “Nicolaides” Delegate 

2.15 pm Focus on Defence – EU-NATO Relations

3.00 pm Transfers to Airports Prof. Caneva/Gen Catena and AESI Delegation (by NATO transport)

6.00 pm Departure to Rome